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A successful designer-client relationship is dependent on good communication.  You talk first, and we listen.  Once you have expressed all your goals for your home improvement project, we ask questions.  We engage you to determine your top priorities, approximate budget, and discuss ideas on how to achieve your goals most effectively.

Designer meeting with clients


Before we begin research and development, we first conduct a "style profile analysis" to identify what makes you happy.  We sit down with you and review hundreds of images of different styles of rooms to see what you gravitate toward.  Then, we take it a step further and pinpoint the distinct characteristics of the spaces you are drawn to.  We identify patterns in your responses, and develop an algorithm of sorts that allows us to make appropriate design choices in the execution phase of your project.

Office Waiting Room


Another critical factor in hiring a designer is TRUST.  Before signing on the dotted line, we must determine whether we are compatible--whether you are prepared to trust our design expertise, or not.  You must be confident that we can deliver on your expectations, and we must be confident that you will benefit from our company's unique design process.



Once you are ready to move forward, we proceed to execute the plan.  This entails drawing final floor plans, selecting furniture, fixtures, finishes, and equipment, as well as placing orders, making payments, tracking shipments, and managing deliveries & installations.  Once major items are accounted for, we stage your home with all the final trimmings--window treatments, mirrors, artwork, pillows, bedding, lighting...everything.  We handle every detail on your behalf so you don't have to lift a finger!

Bathroom After Photo
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