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  • Do I need to be present for deliveries?
    No! Part of the Judy Olson Interiors advantage is the all inclusive nature of our services. We see to every detail, including management and receipt of deliveries. If for some unlikely reason your presence is required, you will be given advance notice.
  • Do you have regular contractors you work with?
    Yes! Part of the advantage to working with Judy Olson Interiors is our connection to several trusted industry professionals and contractors with decades of experience. We have access to cabinet makers, electricians, painters, flooring specialists, drapery specialists, wallpaper installers, and more! We coordinate work-orders with whatever specialist/s you need to complete your project. Serving as the point of contact for those contractors, we acquire pricing, manage the schedule, and handle all the nitty gritty details to save you time, energy, and stress. It's as easy as a remodel gets.
  • Do I get to approve furniture selections?
    In short, no. However when it comes to seating, we understand the more critical and personal nature of that decision, and encourage you to take advantage of the optional "seat test". We meet with you in an approved showroom, show you some recommended sofas/chairs that we have confirmed will fit your space, and you approve the final selection. The seat test usually takes no more than an hour of your time, and once that decision is made, we take it from there.
  • What if I want to be involved in design decisions?
    If a prospective client wants to be involved in design decisions, we totally understand, and it is a very common request, but it is not something we as a company can indulge. We want to produce consistent high quality results for our customers, and therefore need to uphold an approach that has proven effective. Our process is very clean-cut, and very successful. We interview, qualify, identify, and execute to produce professional results every time.
  • How do I know I'll like the finished result?
    Technically, there is no guarantee that you will love everything about the finished product. However, we wouldn't stay in business if we didn't listen to our customers' needs and goals, and create finished spaces consistent with those criteria. Before beginning research and development, we meet with you to conduct a thorough "style profile analysis" and establish job parameters. Once we have a solid understanding of your style and expectations, there is minimal chance that you will be disappointed. We've NEVER had a client give us carte blanche, and be anything less than thrilled with the result.
  • What is a "Style Profile Analysis"?"
    "Style Profile Analysis" refers to the scientific process of identifying what you will like. Most clients do not have one isolated genre of design that defines them. Many don't have any sense whatsoever of what their "style" is. People are complex. In order to feel secure in the decisions we make on your behalf, we need to be confident that we understand YOU. We sit down with you and look through several photos of different styles of homes. We first identify what general style you gravitate toward, and then take it a step further, identifying the finer details that differentiate spaces you like from spaces you love . We ask questions and observe patterns in your reaction to make sure we fully understand what finished look will make you happy.
  • How much does it cost to furnish a home?
    While every client is different, we have observed that the cost to furnish a home's interior professionally ranges between 10 and 20 percent of the appraised property value. For some, that is "to be expected". For many, it is considered astronomical. We respect your budget, and will be honest with you about what is achievable within the amount you are comfortable with. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly to discuss the budget for your project.
  • How long will it take to complete my project?
    It depends upon the scope of work. A kitchen remodel for example takes an average of 5 months to complete (planning phase to final walkthrough), whereas a decorating (furniture and small pieces only) project can take anywhere from two weeks to six months. The major factors that affect lead time are product quality level, contractor availability, and client flexibility. Inquire with us directly to discuss the lead time that applies to your project.
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